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A Good ACT: Youth Rewards

Child Development-Community Policing (CD-CP)
Community Policing

A Good ACT
("Aquatic Center Time")

An integral part of CPD's community-oriented policing philosophy is the "identify and rectify" approach to problem solving.

Former District II Patrol Sergeant Ben McBride (now Lieutenant and Commander of District III) identified a small problem in western Clearwater, and - with the coordinated assistance of the Parks and Recreation Department - rectified it with a big program.

Sgt. McBride knew that any number of the children living near the brand new North Greenwood Recreation and Aquatic Complex could not afford the daily $2 admission to the pool. And with school out for the summer, he knew there would be hundreds of local children wanting to spend every sweltering summer day at the new state of the art aquatic center.

Sgt. McBride approached former Chief Sid Klein with an idea to reward - with free admission to the pool - area youngsters who are good citizens, who work to better the community, or who are either victims of crimes or who help police in solving crimes. Sgt. McBride called the plan A Good "ACT", an acronym for Aquatic Center Time.

With Chief Klein's endorsement, city officials and Parks and Recreation Department Director Kevin Dunbar bought into A Good ACT. An daily admission voucher was designed and distributed to Community Policing officers working in the neighborhood. Those officers would use the vouchers as positive reinforcement to deserving young citizens who they encountered in their patrols.

Sgt. McBride and a youngster caught in a "good ACT."
Recipents of the 2012 A Good ACT Award

Blueline CPD Video Clip "A Good ACT"

North Greenwood Recreation and Aquatic Center
Sgt. McBride and a youngster caught in a "good ACT."

"Kids are impressionable, and I can't think of a better way for city government and the Police Department to make a good impression on our youngest residents," said Sgt. McBride. "The kids also learn they have to buy into this bargain by making a good impression on us!"

The idea soon caught the attention of a number of private sector benefactors as well as our local schools. In 2004 the Rotary Club of Clearwater partnered with the City to administer the recreational scholarship "grants" for deserving children and families in the North Greenwood neighborhood. The program grew and now, each year during the first week of summer vacation, deserving young people and thier families are rewarded for good citizenship and strong character with a free annual membership to all of the City's recreation and aquatic centers, including the North Greenwood facility.

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